The Moment of Truth

Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles-Canada
Recorded at Studio Fredman with legendary producer Fredrik Nordström, it comes as no surprise that the sound quality of this self-financed debut is top-notch. What really makes The Fifth Sun rise above the death metal competition is the truly remarkable musical skills and songwriting displayed. Executed with the fury and passion of hungry newcomers, yet combined with the maturity you could only expect from seasoned veterans like Arch Enemy, Loudblast and Edge of Sanity. Incidentally, Bryan Horn's death growl is very similar to Dan Swano's lower register. Deadly riffs, melodic solos and a pounding rhythm section that can easily compete with the best European death metal acts. Surprisingly enough, The Fifth Sun is an American band, which makes this release somewhat special. Favorite highlights include 'Upholding the Sacred truth',' Burn the Flag', 'The Naturalist' and the title track which includes a rippin' guitar solo from Mr. Nordström himself! 8.5/10

Um, why is The Fifth Sun not signed yet? That is the question that I will be asking myself for the earlier part of this new year. Really, it just seems like a crime that this American death metal band (influenced heavily by the Swedish metal music scene) has no deal. It'll only be time before labels are knocking on their door. I can only hope. Anyway, from all of the independent records I have reviewed this issue, The Fifth Sun's 'The Moment Of Truth' is easily the best one, chock full of strong vocals, fast driving death metal riffs and an awesome production, thanks in part to the band traveling all the fucking way to Sweden to record in Studio Fredman with famed metal producer Fredrik Nordström. Man, talk about wanting the best. And from all of this hard work, the music just rages track after track after track, rarely letting up the momentum. Great moments include "Waste of Skin," the volatile "Burn the Flag" and the wickedly assembled (and heaviest track) "Achieving States of Spite and Malice." I think singer Bryan Horn best sums up the experience of The Fifth Sun's music when he screams, 'I've got nothing but a fist for you!' It just sounds so evil, so menacing, and so METAL! Highly recommend! 9/10

Rip N' Tear-Canada
Hailing from Northern Minnesota, The Fifth Sun may very well be the band most famous unsigned band in the world right now. Much like the blizzards one must endure if living in the pseudo-Scandinavian state, Bryan Horn (vocals, guitar) and his band of intelligent death merchants has created a stirring frenzy of praise and adulation from metal lovers across the globe. What is everyone so excited about? Just the best death metal album you've never heard, that's what. How this unknown band managed to scrape up the cash to fly themselves to Sweden and record under the production of none other then Fredrik Nordström (In Flames, The Haunted) at Studio Fredman in Gothenburg is hard to fathom. Thank god they were so determined however, because songs like "Waste of Skin" and "Achieving States of Spite and Malice" are here to rip your face off and intrigue you at the same time. Only the late, great Death were this adept at creating intelligent death metal and The Fifth Sun have obviously been paying attention to the masters. Record labels should be scrambling to sign this band as they are the future of American death. 10/10

Production 5/6
Songwriting 5/6
Musicianship 5/6
Now this band has dedication. The Fifth Sun financed their own trip to Gothenburg, Sweden to self release their own CD which was produced by the one and only Fredrik Nordström, known best for his work with such bands as In Flames and The Haunted. The fact that they were able to do this really shows because this is some of the best production I've heard on a self-released album. From the frozen tundra's of Bemidji Minnesota, The Fifth Sun hurls their frozen axe deep into the heart of American Death Metal. Simply put, this album is just plain heavy. Amidst all the heaviness are some powerful grooves and great melodies, not to mention some notable solos (a few compliments of Fredrik himself). The Moment of Truth is a great showcase of strong songwriting and killer musicianship. The album occasionally gives off a really cool old-school vibe, but is still very original and refreshing. Bryan Horn's growling vocals will grab you right off the bat and combined with his guitar skills and those of Shawn Mattila you're in for a ride of crushing death riffs that will have you breaking out the air guitar in no time. This is probably the best unsigned band that I've come across in my time here at Metal Review. How this band slipped through the cracks and was unable to achieve a record label thus far is beyond me, and is just plain wrong. Compared to a lot of the mediocrity flooding the scene, The Fifth Sun is a nice change of pace and should not be overlooked by any avid metal listener. This is a very worthy addition to your metal collection.

Digital Metal
Ok, now this is very, very cool. The Fifth Sun hails from the United States and has a super tight grasp of European death metal. Comparisons to In Flames and Dark Tranquillity will no doubt ensue, especially after seeing that the band co-produced The Moment Of Truth with Fredrik Nordström at the now legendary Studio Fredman. Well, let me say that I too heard some similarity. But where the aforementioned bands have moved into more modern, melodic territory, The Fifth Sun has kept it heavy and aggressive. Not to say that In Flames and the like aren't heavy, but The Fifth Sun seems to have certain ferocity, or at the very least, a more "serious" feel about them. Ok, I'm digging a hole here I may not be able to climb out of. Forget about comparing The Fifth Sun to anyone, the band is a monstrous, well-oiled machine loaded with lead-heavy crunch riffing, growling, pissed-off vocals, and driving drums all blended together with super-clean production. The songs here are very melodic, while retaining a good amount of brutality. The dynamics within the songs are superbly executed so as to make it appear all too easy. But rest assured this is not your average death metal. There is a good amount of time and tempo changes and a wide variety of riffing styles from slow and chugging to fast and furious. "Achieving States of Spite and Malice", my favorite track on the record, is a prime example of my claims. Vocally, the singer chose a low, guttural, yet decipherable delivery that works very well with the tight riffs and clean sonics. Lyrically, the band chose themes of life, freedom, spirituality and strength. I have to say it was quite refreshing to see these types of lyrics as opposed to ultra-violent themes or inexplicable poetic musings. For my money, I'd say that The Fifth Sun has all the necessary elements to make a huge dent in the scene. But don't take my word for it. Or, rather, do take my word for it and pick up The Moment Of Truth.

Pull the Chain-Belgium
Another melodic death metal release and what a fantastic surprise this is. The Fifth Sun appears to be at first listen just another Swedish death metal act that records its album at the cult Fredman studio with Fredrik Nordström. First of all, The Fifth Sun comes from the United States and above all, even if they play European death metal with an important melodic undertone, this band is astonishingly versatile. There is more power and more heaviness contained in the music recorded here than you'd ever expect from the majority of melodic death metal bands. This four piece are astonishingly versatile and there is more power, more heaviness on the music recorded here than you'd ever expect from the majority of melodic death metal bands. Catchiness doesn't really come from the traditional guitar battles (even if the band loves its guitar harmonies, which adds to the impact of the songs), but mainly from the way songs are constructed and structured. It eventually doesn't sound Swedish or Scandinavian, it's just intense melodic death metal. The Fifth Sun delivers an exciting barrage of well-balanced death metal that really deserves a record deal.
Ok all you melodic death metal loving bastards...get ready to reach down and hold your precious reproductive sacs because you are likely to have them torn off when this cd finds its way into your cd player. The Fifth Sun are all incredibly focused death metal musicians. The heavy guitar riffs and hooks can be equally catchy or aggressive, and seem to be more rhythm based, rather than drift off into tortuous leads. This works perfectly with the drums. The vocals are great. Deep and low death vocals, which I personally enjoy in melodic death, and all the vocals are quite clear and easy to hear, rarely does the singer fumble with his growling. Great production too. Even though these guys are from the United States they have a firm (and heavy) grasp on the whole Swedish death metal thing. They could be compared to other band like Dark Tranquillity, In Flames, or even Amon Amarth, but The Fifth Sun don't deserve to be put up against other bands, they are strong enough (and heavy enough) to stand on their own...besides, this album is only their debut! The effort put into this album (traveling to Studio Fredman and such), shows they obviously have high aspirations. Enough reviewing, go get this album. Now excuse me while I break out the air guitar and listen to The Moment of Truth some more.

Punishment Magazine-Sweden
Here the word dedication suddenly gets a whole new meaning, all hails to THE FIFTH SUN!! Imagine an American band that for their own money goes all the way to Sweden to record their self-financed album "The Moment Of Truth" (9/38:10/13US$)! The Fredman production naturally equals a great sound, I'm a sucker for the Fredman sound, and The Fifth Suns slightly melodic, groovy death metal with an early nineties sound fits the production perfectly. Personally I came to think about bands like Edge of Sanity, in their mid-paced moments, a dash of later Hypocrisy and perhaps a slight English touch. All in a mid-paced, catchy death/thrash hybrid including all the necessary ingredients of a band desperately deserving a label-deal. If the next album is self-financed I'll surely pee in my hat, splendid stuff!!

Vampire Magazine-The Netherlands
"According to the Maya, Aztec and other native tribes, the world has been created and destroyed four previous times, we currently are residing in the fifth and final age, basking in the light of The Fifth Sun". Already in 1991 the band THE FIFTH SUN was founded amidst the frozen forests of northern Minnesota, but it took until 2001 before a debut record was recorded. As a sign of their persistence, dedication and ambition, the band flew all the way from the USA to the renowned Fredman Studio in Sweden to record this debut album, The Moment Of Truth, with top producer Fredrik Nordström. Just as many customers of Studio Fredman (such as ARCH ENEMY, DARK TRANQUILLITY and IN FLAMES), the musical style of THE FIFTH SUN is what we call Death Metal with a big melodic undertone. But unlike the bands of the so-called Gothenburg scene, these Americans focus not so much on melody, but rather on intensity and power. Of course melody plays a crucial role in their sound, but THE FIFTH SUN use a subtle kind, woven through the powerful structures of the eight tracks (not including the bonus track on the DIGI-pack) on The Moment Of Truth. I can't help to make a comparison with the Swedish Vikings of AMON AMARTH, also because the vocals of Bryan Horn remind me of the vocals of Johan Hegg on The Avenger and The Crusher. The Americans also manage to blend power and melody to a fantastic mixture, just like aforementioned Swedes. I know it's a rather dangerous comparison, because AMON AMARTH has by now earned their credits in the Metal world, and who has heard of THE FIFTH SUN? Well, it's time that changes. We are not dealing with band number thousand in a line of endless melodic Death Metal bands, THE FIFTH SUN is easily better than all those bands in line, and in the mean time are more than capable of reaching the quality of the bands that are claimed to be the genre-leading acts. With tracks such as Upholding the Sacred Truth, Waste of Skin and Burn the Flag you have a few songs that are top class. But the band also displays their diversity on subsequent tracks The Naturalist (which has a calm intro and then more or less explodes) and Pour Fourth the Melody, continuing in the strong Achieving States of Spite of Malice and Our Heads Collide and fantastic closing track The Moment Of Truth. This last track features, next to keyboards by Fredrik Nordström, guest guitar solos by Fredrik Nordström (also guitar player of DREAM EVIL besides his studio work) and Marios Iliopoulos (EXHUMATION, NIGHTRAGE). For a self-financed album (Clouds Block The Sun Inc. is in fact the band) the artwork looks great, with the Mayan symbol on the front cover and a Mayan temple surrounded by clouds on the back (hence the name of Clouds Block The Sun!). It's really unbelievable that this band has not yet found a record label. They have every quality and more that is needed for a band to succeed yet they remain unnoticed. Everyone with the slightest affinity for Death metal should give the material of THE FIFTH SUN a try, because this band deserves the attention!

Silent Screamzine-Italy
What is a North American band without contract doing in the famous and expensive Fredman Studios? Simple: recording its debut album. Well, so regular this situation is not, but actually also this "The Moment Of Truth" seems everything but a debut album. The Fifth Sun's death metal articulates on a clear American matrix that is essentially based on hyper-technical groups that made riffing and complexity one of their trademarks. Obviously the thoughts run after Morbid Angel, even if they have a personal touch and some edges that come from the historical acts of the American thrash metal scene. The first thing striking our imagination is the extreme accuracy of the compositions: there's no black spots, not a single out of place passage, the instruments run after each other continuously and create several atmospheres and pathos-filled moments, according to the circumstances, but always keeping in mind what the structure of the song is, remaining perennially moving and careful about the balance between relaxed parts and ferocious assaults. The riffing is the secret weapon of The Fifth Sun, but we cannot forget the work of a surgical rhythmical section and especially the singing which, deep and inspired, gives the songs that necessary thickness to turn a death metal band into an instrument of sound massacre. "The Moment of Truth" is an extremely mature and aware work, a first absolute center for a band that will be contract-less for only a short time.

Tombstone -Greece
These guys are hailing from North America (Minnesota) and they are the first North American band to record at Studio Fredman. The fact that the album is self financed only proves their determination and how much they believe in their band. Well, trust me; they've got good reason to believe in themselves. Their death metal has influences from the Swedish scene, plus some thrash metal elements and it is good enough to make enough heads turn their way. A solid and very tight band with good arrangements, an excellent production and the most important of all, good songs. I am willing to bet good money that we will hear again from them in the future and not with another self financed release. After all if the labels don't want to release such good material what is this world coming to? 8/10

Klok Radio-Netherlands
Where lots of European bands try to sound exactly as their US death metal heroes Nile and Cannibal Corpse, The Fifth Sun from Minnesota choose the reverse way and decided to record in Sweden. I think that's a wise decision because their melodic Swedish death metal sound really needs to be recorded in a Swedish studio (Studio Fredman, with producer Fredrik Nordström). "The Moment of Truth" sounds very European and reminds me a lot of Arch Enemy and Amon Amarth. All 9 songs are really great and catchy and the musicians really know how to play. I have been told that the first 1000 copies come as a digipack and for a self released album this one looks very professional, a strong album. 8.5/10

Metal Factory-Switzerland
There is again volume which succeeds to remove itself of the mass of the Melodic Death volume. The Fifth Sun belong definitive in addition! The Melodic Death of the Americans contains ingredients and the touch that it makes special and interesting. So they go emphasizes sooner rhythmic too works and create its entirely characteristic sound that it is missing in comparison with other volume in keynoter manner at Power and Eingängigkeit. Playfully like songwritetechnisch, high level is offered from beginning to the end. "The moment..." is to be very recommended therefore to all Melodic Death fans! 9/10
Based both on my extremely tight schedule and my genuine interest in this group, I must've heard "The Moment of Truth" at least twenty times over the last two days. After about the fifth time, I kept meaning to review it, but something kept coming up. But alas, here we are and I must say that I'm glad I let the album really sink in before I dished out my feelings on it. The Fifth Sun's claim to fame is that they're the first American band to have recorded at Studio Fredman with producer extraordinaire Fredrik Nordström. The man even laid down a guest solo on the effort. But I'm not one for letting petty things like album artwork or producer credits sway my opinion of a disc - I like to let the music do the talking. Fortunately for The Fifth Sun, their music speaks volumes. Probably America's best entry into the Swedish melodic metal market, their sound is a mix of early In Flames with later Death. It's hard to not enjoy this record. The guitarists know how to write a hook into a metal song and keeping things catchy, but not commercial. I was blown away by this full length and even after rapid fire listening sessions for days in a row, I still find myself getting caught up in the grooves and melodies provided here. The only thing I don't understand is how this band hasn't found a label to call home yet. They clearly stand towards the top of this melodic metal sound, which has been at the prey end of a label feeding frenzy recently. You'd think someone would've scooped these guys up by now. I hope, for their sake, and for the general sake of the melodic metal loving community that these guys do get a deal soon.
"Wow, this one has an excellent production!" was the first thought I had while listening to this CD for the first time. Not surprisingly one would say; it was recorded at studio Fredman by Fredrik Nordström (for those who might ignore it, that's one hell of a reference in the Swedish Metal scene). But the surprising part is that the guys from The Fifth Sun flew over from Northern Minnesota, USA to Sweden for the recording of this album and, having no record deal, entirely financed this by themselves. Also, they waited many years before actually recording their first CD. This proves indeed how dedicated these guys are to their music and they can truly be proud of this album, for it is ranked highly above the average nowadays' Death Metal releases. The Fifth Sun basically brings us Metal with a very high Death value without just copying it. This album contains all necessary elements to make it an excellent album: highly skilled musicians (brilliant heavy guitar sound and solos), interesting lyrics and powerful varied vocals, a great and clear sound and a nice packaging (referring to Maya and Aztec tribes, which I suppose inspired the name of the band and probably fascinate at least one of the band members). If you are interested in the band and album, please visit their website, try out the sample MP3's and order "The Moment Of Truth" straight from The Fifth Sun. You won't regret it; I guarantee you that!

Flesh Rites-Spain
Here we have an interesting cd of very well worked material. The Fifth Sun plays Melodic Death Metal in the vein of Amon Amarth and In Flames. But one of the amazing things about this cd is that it's totally self-financed! Good material, and very well played. They only needed to have a good recording and that was they decided to do. The Moment Of Truth is recorded at Studio Fredman with Fredrik Nordström, as engineer and co-producer. I have only this to say to the say to the band: Congratulations for this cd. This shows dedication to your band and to have good material and want to take caress with it, although they have to pay money for it, (sure it was an expensive recording studio). There are different ways to think: to have a shit demo or to have aspirations and want the best for your band. Melodic Death Metal, with a wonderful sound, with an incredible cover art, (in a box...the same like digipacks editions from the cd shops). As the album title says: The Moment Of Truth....this a candidate band to sign a deal with a record label. 8/10

Aardschok Magazine-The Netherlands
While the American death/ grind scene is growing in popularity and European bands want to sound as much like NILE and CANNIBAL CORPSE as possible, the American death metal band THE FIFTH SUN made the trip from Minnesota to Sweden to record a record with producer Fredrik Nordström in Studio Fredman. Rather contradictive it seems, but the ones that have heard the album will directly understand why these 4 Americans wanted to work with Mr. Nordström so badly. Their nine tight, melodic compositions really sound very European and constantly remind of ARCH ENEMY, later DEATH and older EDGE OF SANITY. "The Moment Of Truth" is a nice and diverse record, on which aggressive and more epic moments follow each other in beautiful ways. The band exists on fine musicians and vocalist Bryan Horn has a nice and deep grunt. THE FIFTH SUN doesn't try to better their colleagues in speed and brutality, but instead focus on writing strong, gripping melodies. The best tracks are the furious opener "Upholding The Sacred Truth", the heavily by DEATH inspired, "Our Heads Collide" and the epic title song, which features 2 guest solos by Fredrik Nordström and EXHUMATION/NIGHTRAGE guitar player Marios Iliopoulos. 8/10

Metal Crypt
The Fifth Sun take their name from a tribal legend of the Mayan, Incas and others of the time that believed that the world has been created and destroyed four previous times. We are currently residing in the fifth and final age, basking in the light of The Fifth Sun." The way that The Moment of Truth develops itself through to the finale seems to play out in the manner of this prophesized rise, fall and ultimate destruction of our world. I had always been under the impression that I was in for nine tracks of melodic death metal, but my expectations were shattered by the sheer magnitude of the crushing traditional Swedish death metal riffs and often epic vocals (think somewhere between Mikael Akerfeldt and Mikael Stanne of Dark Tranquility) bellowed forth by lead man Bryan Horn. Melody isn't completely absent, though even at its lightest The Moment of Truth is laden with grit and grime, never letting us forget that this world is on the brink of an unavoidable doom. The album is a mid-paced, guitar driven effort at its core with elements such as clean vocals, acoustics, classic guitar soloing and some much needed emphasis on the drumming gradually come into play to create a well-rounded sound. The final track Mothra is what you would expect in listening to the whole album, just waiting for the building aggression to explode. It's a 1:47 of explosive nastiness that certainly left me satisfied with the overall experience contained within The Moment of Truth. The Fifth Sun oozes with the potential for great success.
So exciting it can be, to hear music. Not of typical Death Metal, nor a mere DEATH-clone, THE FIFTH SUN is independent and inspiring. Most demanding and most intelligent melodic Death Metal is nowadays rare, with much emotion. THE FIFTH SUN delivers exactly that. Bright Eyes-Germany At two years of age delay came this CD in the house BRIGHT EYES on. Already in the year 2001, the Americans were in Fredrik Nordström in its Fredman studios and have refined themselves its debut album. For a volume out of Minnesota certainly a not daily experience, would say I. But the Trip to Europe was worthwhile, what concerns the production, more than. That of Death a la Cannibal Corpse aggressive comes really pressure full and pricked sharply out of the boxes, it is really annoying, that I did not get the album already, years earlier. 11/13

Sonic Death-England
The Fifth Sun's debut album, chock full of melodic death, is a nice change of pace from the norm. Whereas popular contemporaries of the genre have started throwing everything into the mix, including the kitchen sink, The Fifth Sun takes a more reserved but strangely ear-catching approach to their music. By far the most striking thing about this album is the predominantly rhythm-orientated style of the music, by not stressing ubiquitous lead guitar melodies the band immediately makes a statement of intent about where they are coming from: metal, straight down the line, bub. It's much to the guitarists' credit that in relying on their rhythm guitars so heavily they are still able to catch attention so well, providing robust and engaging riffs that can be equally catchy or aggressive. Something of a blessing, the move away from blatant ear candy really forces the band into creating interesting music with longevity. Highlights like "Burn the Flag" show the focused style of the band, cutting strong and memorable riffs, getting the mileage out of every single one without dragging the sequence out and utilizing the throaty growl of Bryan Horn to full extent. In contrast the following track "The Naturalist" shows a more diverse approach. Essentially a crunchy slow-paced song, it's touched up with a couple of brief acoustic sections with spoken word vocals, and the odd upbeat riff is thrown in to unbalance the listener. Something that is perhaps unusual about this particular record is that the band financed a trip to Sweden and Studio Fredman itself to record the album under the eye of Fredrik Nordström. This, no doubt expensive move has paid off; a good mix with powerful vocals and huge guitars really gives the band the added edge that other independent bands lack. Making sure The Fifth Sun gets the most for their money Nordström even contributes a guitar solo and keyboards to the title track, a classy addition with the keyboards being responsibly used and not reaching saturation point like on, say, the last Soilwork record. TFS has provided a remarkably focused collection of songs that outshines many of the more fanciful and established bands out there; that they've done this without support from a record label is a great achievement. The band must have a great deal of faith in their music to go to such lengths; the end product more than justifies that belief.

Ancient Ceremonies-Portugal
We all are living under the fifth sun. There've already been four suns and four universes... Ancient prophecies of Maya and Aztec's tribes tell that the Gods are still trying to create a better world. We are the fifth stride. Our not perfect world is coming to its end... and our sun will die with us, another total failure!! The band carrying this name, The Fifth Sun, was founded in '91 in Northern Minnesota but, to my astonishment, "The Moment Of Truth" is their debut album! Can you imagine that?!? Ten years of hard work and total dedication, it must be something really special you may think... Speed Melodic Death Metal from the USA is on the march! Aggressive, powerful and full of dark blowing energy with memorable Brutal Death growling and storming, furious guitar riffs. Their music can remind you a brew of Dark Tranquility, The Crown, In Flames and even Cannibal Corpse. The first time I heard them, I thought they were from Sweden, because of this strong recognizable sound of Fredman's Recording Studio and the perfection of Fredrik Nordström's work, but then I was surprised to know that they live and work in the USA, but they came to Sweden to record this album in 2001. This trip was a lifetime decision for the band, they can surely be proud of their "The Moment Of Truth"... really good job guys! 8/10

The Metal Observer
"I've got nothing but a fist for you" screams Bryan Horn, singer of THE FIFTH SUN in "Waste Of Skin" and that fist you will feel as the punch penetrates your chest triggering the instant expulsion of all air contained in your lungs, leaving you without wind and gasping for oxygen. Basically, that's how I felt when I carelessly threw "The Moment Of Truth" into my CD-player the first time I got it. "Hmmmpfff!!!" I muffled and I was set for 35 minutes of pure MeloDeath. Freshly out of Studio Fredman, this album was recorded in May 2001, but what's so surprising is that it's in no way Swedish! THE FIFTH SUN is 100% American and is hailing from Northern Minnesota where it was born in 1991. Chances are, you're already thinking this is just another of those cloned MeloDeath-band that's got nothing new to bring to the genre... well you're wrong! The standard stuff is there, the hammering riff-guitar, the leading melodic-guitar, the pounding bass, the thrashing drums and the growling vocals. For me, this usually means a winning combination if it's all played according to the rules.... and it is on "The Moment Of Truth". Sometimes very melodic and catchy [example: intro of "Upholding the Sacred Truth"] and sometimes downright brutal and heavy [example: "Waste of Skin"], the demo really has the potential to stand among the leading figures of the sub-genre with its variety and great production. You can't go wrong with THE FIFTH SUN. Now for Metal's sake, record companies should start digging a bit and give a hand to bands like this one. "The Moment Of Truth" is as hard as rock and will keep you head-banging for a long, long time. 8/10

This is a really devastating album from the first minute to the last. Here we have nine tracks full of death metal discharges done with a lot of musicianship with some influences of the so called Gothenburg scene but with a much more modern sound in the guitars and the drumming than most of the bands of that style. Here each riff is like a brick in your head smashing your skull and your brain with their sheer power. The drumming is excellent here being fast in some places and more mid paced in others where guitar or vocal ideas must be developed leaving space for the other instruments to be heard properly. The vocals are guttural but clear adding a lot of power to the music. The production done by the band and the almighty Fredrik Nordström adds more points to the music making each instrument sound crystal clear and enhancing the aggression that this whole album delivers.

The Temple of Metal-Greece
Here we have the first full-length album of this band from United States. First of all, this album is a self - financed and it comes in a digi-pack edition, so you can easily understand that this band wants the perfection. In the package section they get it. Now we must see in the musical section. Another certain thing is the production. The production is almost perfect, because the album produced by Fredrik Nordstrom. Fredrik also plays the first solo in the track number nine while in the same track the second solo is played by Marios Iliopoulos (ex. Exhumation, Nightrage). Also Fredrik plays keyboards in the last song. Now, The Fifth Sun plays death metal. To be more precise they play European death metal with many melodies in their songs. So we can say that they play European melodic death metal. They have very good and heavy riffs; they have a very good drummer too. I recommend this release to all death metal fans.